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Lazy Day, Mint Green Pants

It’s Thanksgiving, everyone!!

After eating my weight in such heavy foods, it’s always helpful to finish off with a light cup of tea. Oh, that sounds so posh. Anyway, since the few days before break all of my professors tried to get their two cents in, I decided to take it easy for this OOTD. Of course, the next day for the travel home, I wore an awesome dress and sweater, but I had spent over 3 hours in a car… So… I’m not exactly photographable when exhausted.

So, here’s what I wore this Monday. I like to call these my mint pants, and I think I got them at Kohl’s a while ago. The top is an old, cut-up Target shirt, and the cardigan is my lady Shannon’s. I got the shoes for my birthday from a Plato’s Closet.

This photography session was especially goofy because we were both exhausted that week, while Erica was exhausted for the past month. A lot of the pictures were of me being socially awkward and looking around. I still have to learn how to pose in front of a camera. Here’s an example:

But when am I not acting silly?

As for the rest of my night, I’ll be here eating pumpkin roll and watching How I Met Your Mother. There’s no way I’m heading out on Black Friday, I don’t have the muscle to fend off the punches. Are you guys going shopping?

I hope you all have excellent holidays from now until January, and remember, be free!




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