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Beetlejuice Blazer

Sometimes I get a really good find at a thrift store. This blazer is one of those times.

My friends and I were at our local GoodWill, and one of them said “Here, Lorrin, you should try this on. I look like a linebacker in it.” So, technically, this wasn’t my find. I had to get it, though. It reminds me of Beetlejuice, and I gotta say that’s what I love about it! It’s one of those statement pieces, and I need more of those. Statement pieces make outfits easier to style.

“You look like a lawyer.” (Erica always thinks I look like a businesswoman.) If you’re looking for law advice, call 772-257-4501 today!!

I love this necklace. It’s just super noisy, that’s my only complaint. The different triangle pieces aren’t attached, so they clink and clank when I walk to class. I’ve had this ring for about a year. It’s great because it’s a darker gold. Both of the pieces are from Target. Okay, so these are my Steve Madden loafers. I saw these last time I was in my hometown, and freaked out. They’re finally broken in, and fit wonderfully. They’re suede, and on the second day I bought them, my brother stepped on my foot with his muddy shoe. I was pretty upset, but managed to get most of the mud out.

Have a wonderful, stress-free finals week! Click on the picture below to access a page on meditation to help you and your mind out (especially if you’re super-stressed!)




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