Be Who You Want

Hey, kids. Finals week is keeping me busy, so here’s a quick text post about style.

The best thing about personal style is that you can tailor it to whatever you want! Some days I’m grunge, others cutesy (though I lean more toward the former). I can have a delicate setting with small, gold jewelry and a dainty dress, or rock out with rough and tumble jeans and a slouch hat.

Every day is a new opportunity to show the world your personal style.

As a member of fashion, you create your own palettes. You are your own canvas to express your ideas and thoughts, feelings and expressions for the day.

Isn’t that feeling liberating? No more jeans and hoodies! You have the potential to be who you want to be!

So, yes, you might be afraid to wear those printed leggings, what would everyone think? But, I’ll bet you that you get looks of envy, and comments like “Where did you get those?!” more than you get judgement.





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