I hate Christmas music

Yes, you read that right. I hate Christmas music with two exceptions: Mannheim Steamroller‘s christmas album, and whatever other one my dad puts on when we decorate the house.

Last year, in the dorm room, my friend, nicknamed “Nicki Christmas” because of the hilarious picture below, was blasting Christmas music even before Thanksgiving break. Luckily, this year, we are all too busy to notice.


There are certain albums I call “winter music” that I think can only be listened to when it’s cold outside. That’s my form of Christmas music.

Here are two examples: (click to access a playlist of the album)

Now, let’s just make this part clear: I do not hate Christmas, just the stupid popsongy beaten to death songs that have been sung over and over again. It’s really just a testament to the fact that I hate music now a days. I mean, are songs like these really necessary?

Putting that aside, my hatred for Christmas music is also turned into a little inside joke within the family. If it’s the beginning of November, I should not be hearing Selena Gomez’s rendition of Jingle Bells while I shop for razor blades at WalMart. Or whoever.

Moving on, I hope that all of my readers (and basically the rest of the world) have a great holiday season! I’ll be back after New Years!

Photo on 2011-12-08 at 21.33

(Last year’s holiday party was the bomb. We even sang the 12 days of Christmas!)





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