The Mission

I don’t know anything about designers. Actually, that’s not true. I know basics. Minimal. But, let’s just face it, the crazy makeup and hair, the silly flowy dresses that are quite impractical, those never appealed to me. I want a community where we can share street fashion. And not off-duty models, and Alexa Chung-type girls, who can afford the world and back when it comes to clothes, no. I want regular, normal-sized girls, normal-sized closets and budgets.

This is a place where you should feel free to use my, or others’ ootds to get inspiration. I know I’ll be getting inspiration from everyone who posts on this site!
Personally, I like to save pictures and be able to look at them when I’m feeling unmotivated. So, this website will be just that. A catalog of pictures. Of course, this already exists, as an example, but I’m setting this up a little differently.
I’d like to think of this as an interactive blog. I post a picture, and a little word quibble, and you can post comments, links, anything you want relating to the topics. This way, we work off of each other. This is a place where there is no competition for the most “likes” or “hearts”, this is a place where you don’t feel as though you need to have everything from Urban Outfitters and American Apparel just to get noticed.

This is a fashion playground. For real girls and guys who can’t shell out the money for all Jeffery Campbell shoes, and really appreciates that $20 scarf their parents bought them one year. This is a real place, where we don’t judge based on size, or looks, or anything. This is a place to be free.




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