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General Description:

You’re visiting Be Free OOTD. The mission of my blog can be found under https://befreeootd.wordpress.com/about/mission. By accessing, using, or contributing to this blog, you agree to abide by the Terms.


This blog is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. The opinions, ideas, and statements expressed on this blog are of personal opinion to the author. Be Free OOTD is not reliable for anything that may happen concerning Sponsors, Recommended People, or Things You Should Know once the reader decides to contact or purchase something based off of a blog post. By visiting the site, you agree that your use of the site is solely at your own risk. If trouble should arise, contact the involved persons before contacting the author of the blog.

Image Use:

Images may not be manipulated, reproduced, or copied in any way without permission from the author of the blog AND the owner of the photograph. If an image is used, credit must be given to BeFreeOOTD.wordpress.com.

Content Use:

Content on this blog is of the opinion of the author and will not be reproduced or altered in any way. The opinions, expressions, and ideas of the author are intellectual property to Lorrin Higgins.

All photographs were taken by Erica Noll unless otherwise stated. Images are copyright to Erica Noll.



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